The Original American Girl Dolls Are Back

You no longer have to stalk garage sales and resale sites to find that Kirsten doll. American Girl is rereleasing her, along with her famous friends, in honor of its 35th birthday.

Nostalgia vibes! Samantha. Kirsten. Felicity. Molly. Addy. Josefina. American Girl just announced that, in honor of its 35th birthday, those six original historical characters will have 2021 rereleases in brand-new outfits. Our 8-year-old selves are ready. Er, I mean, we are ready to buy these for our 8-year-olds!

As they debuted in the 80s and 90s, these dolls and their matching stories were designed to help teach a little history along with character lessons about compassion and resilience. Samantha, for instance, lives in 1904 and though she is an orphan, she befriends a neighbor with even greater struggles. Josefina lives in New Mexico in 1824 and faces scary natural disasters that require her to dig deep and be brave. The books dip a toe into tough subjects without ever being heavy, and they help today's kids consider what it must have been like to live in another time.

From a play point of view, kids are free to take off the historical costumes and dress the dolls in any other American Girl outfits, creating their own, updated storylines. The skort and tie-dye shirt from the 2021 American Girl Doll of the Year will fit on these anniversary-edition dolls, too!

American Girl Dolls
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And to further celebrate the 35th year, the 13 American Girl stores in the US are hosting special events like cupcake decorating and trivia contests. Check the web site for a location near you and dates and times. The special edition dolls are out now online and in stores. Each set comes with a doll plus the first paperback for that character, packaged in a vintage box, for $150 at

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