The Best Games of 2014!

Our kid testers played with all kinds of toys to help us find our top picks of 2014. Watch as they interact with some of the coolest playthings on the market.


Family game nights rule. But with so many games to choose from, how can you pick the best one? We'll help you. [MUSIC] For toddlers, games based on shapes and colors are easy to grasp but still provide a challenge. A top choice is Press here, the game. Which has players working together to make logical patterns on colorful game cards. With two levels of difficulty, your child can grow with game. Of course not all games need to be played at a table. Some of the best are the ones that get you can the family moving. Pan cake pile up relay game has players running back and forth with loaded spatulas. The team to stack in the right order wins. Not only does it work the body but the mind too. For older kids, look for games that put their brain to the test. And Bounce-Off does exactly that. Two players bounce ping pong-like balls onto a game board trying to recreate a pattern. The first one to do it wins. Let the games begin. [MUSIC]

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