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2016 FamilyFun Toys of the Year

Introducing the 2016 Toys of the Year! These 20 kid-approved picks are squeal-inducing, happy-dance-launching hits that left our testers begging for more. Talk about holiday must-haves!

America's Most Popular Toys

Americans are serious about their toys. The more popular the toy, the more passion, anger, and general strangeness it's capable of generating. Here's a look at the most intriguing and outrageous stories behind America's favorite playthings.

What The?! "Hatchimalgate" Continues as Parents Claim the Toys Are Cursing Them Out

The Hatchimal drama is far from over with a kinda funny but totally inappropriate development.

Parents Who Couldn't Get Hatchimals for Christmas May Have Dodged the "Dud" Bullet

Uh-oh. It seems many Hatchimals didn't work in the days after Christmas, and understandably, affected parents are pretty much losing it.

American Baby 2015 Best Toy Awards

What's new for children less than a year old to play with? These hot finds! They'll stimulate curiosity and bring on the fun.

This Adorable 'Dads Who Play Barbie' Video Proves the Power of Playtime

Mattel's campaign spotlighting dads playing pretend shows kids there are no limits to what they can become in real life.

Best Toddler Toy Gifts for the Holidays

Still don't know what presents to buy your toddler for the holidays? Check out these fun, affordable toys.

Mom Sues Hatchimals for...Not Hatching

The hot toy of the holiday season disapointed this mom and daughter so much, they're now suing the manufacturer.

Why Are People So Upset About the Change to American Girl Dolls?

Parents are freaking out about the doll's new sewn-on underwear.

Best Toys for Babies and Toddlers

There are so many options for baby and toddler toys out there. We'll show you our top choices so you can be confident that your little one will be entertained.

Best Toys That Get Kids Moving

Looking for something to help your child burn off some energy? Our kid testers show you how much fun they had playing with their favorite toys that kept them moving.

Best Toys That Feature Favorite Characters

We brought the toughest little critics to our testing room so they could tell us their favorite toys that feature characters. Learn what they picked as the best of the best and why.

American Girl Just Released Its First Full-Size Boy Doll

Logan Everett is one doll in American Girl's new line of contemporary characters being released this year.

2017 Elmo Is Actually Hysterical

We got an exclusive first look at Playskool's Tickle Me Elmo, coming out this fall.

The Best Games of 2014!

Our kid testers played with all kinds of toys to help us find our top picks of 2014. Watch as they interact with some of the coolest playthings on the market.

This Is the Hottest Holiday Toy You Probably Can't Get

Hatchimals are wildly popular, and wildly impossible to get your hands on!

Hatchimals Alert: A Shipment Will Hit Target Stores December 11

Still looking for a Hatchimal for Christmas or Hanukkah? This may be your chance.

The Best Toys of 2015

Check out Parents' picks for the Best Toys of 2015!

We Pick the Best Toys of 2014

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a big day of testing for our best toys of 2014. Our little critics played with everything from robots to hair chalk to see which new products are the most fun and exciting this year.

Can't Get a Hatchimal for Christmas? Follow This Mom's Lead and Blame It on Santa

This mom let Santa do the 'splaining about why a Hatchimal won't be under the Christmas tree this year.

Toys "R" Us Pulls Too-Hot Toy From Shelves After It Burst Into Flames

If the Tonka 12V Ride-On Dump Truck is on your child's holiday wish list, it's time to start thinking about alternatives.

7 Made-in-America Toys

When you buy things that are born in the U.S.A. you support your neighbors and help homegrown brands continue their American history.

20 All-Time Favorite Childhood Toys

Kids love and learn from these classic toys, all of which are recommended by our exclusive panel of academics, retailers, and toy reviewers.