Powerful women of the past and present will have Barbie figures created in their image—teaching little girls to dream big and work hard. 

By Jessica Hartshorn
March 06, 2018

Mattel is honoring 14 female role models with a Barbie in their image, and the women are from all over the world: A Polish journalist, a Chinese prima ballerina, a Spanish designer, a British boxing champ, and a French chef, to name a few. Instilling a female empowerment mentality into girls of a young age is definitely a movement we can get behind—bravo, Barbie.

Two you'll likely know: Chloe Kim, the Olympic snowboarder, will be honored from the USA, and Bindi Irwin, the conservationist, was chosen from Australia. Also chosen from the US: Filmmaker Patty Jenkins, who directed Wonder Woman. We love how diverse each Barbie is—teaching girls there are no boundaries to all the greatness they can accomplish.

12 of the 14 Role Models
Credit: Mattel

There are no current plans for the global "Sheros" to go on sale. But Mattel did launch a Misty Copeland doll into stores in 2016, so we hold out hope that maybe they'll change their mind and let little girls buy one of these barrier-breaking ladies! Meanwhile, Mattel is asking fans to tag and share more role models who inspire them, using #MoreRoleModels.

A second set of dolls, the Inspiring Women series, will be available for purchase, with one new doll debuting each month for the next three months. On March 8, a Frida Kahlo doll goes on sale; April 8th will be the debut of an Amelia Earhart doll; and May 10th you can get a Katherine Johnson doll (she's the math prodigy portrayed in Hidden Figures who helped send a man into space). Each of these historical dolls (though, to be clear, Katherine Johnson is still alive at age 99!) comes with background information to share with your child about their incredible contributions. Preorder the dolls for $30 or watch for them to roll out into stores nationwide.

No longer is it unrealistic to want to look like a Barbie. Let's strive to be like Barbies—as long as they continue to represent strong, powerful, inspiring women.