This TikTok Mama Argues That Babies Don't Need Toys

If you've ever wondered why you spend so much money on toys for your kids when they're fascinated by an onion, this one is for you.

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If there's one behavior I can predict in my toddlers, it's this: I can place them in a room filled with the shiniest, coolest toys and they'll almost always make a beeline for a remote (or a water bottle or a cell phone or a pair of shoes) instead. If you're a parent of young children, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about: Somehow, tiny humans just seem to prefer objects that were not designed with their entertainment in mind.

Of course, that doesn't stop us from shelling out cash on toys for our children or researching the items that are best for their brain development. It certainly doesn't stop well-meaning relatives and friends from giving our kids toys as gifts. But, as one hilarious TikTok points out, sometimes it really feels like babies neither want nor need their toys.

The TikTok video features Tiffany Aufmann and her baby, who is placed in a high chair. The mom places a series of two items in front of the child—one toy meant for babies, one item meant for adults. And every single time, the baby ignores the toy in favor of the other object. Sound familiar?

The mother offers up a pretty sweet selection of toys, including a wrestler figurine (which gets passed over when it's placed next to a comb), a cool red truck (apparently not quite as cool as the lotion it appears alongside) and a plush caterpillar (but who wants to play with that when you could have a packet of wipes instead?).

If the comments on the video are any indication, Aufmann and I are definitely not the only parents who have witnessed a baby's total disinterest in toys. "My daughter took the living room tv remote to church once. She's 9 months. She could [not] care less about toys," one TikTok user comments. Another adds: "Most accurate TikTok ever, IDK why I waste my money on toys."

There's a follow-up to the video as well: This one features Aufmann placing highly exciting items (think an onion, a box of tissues, a spatula and a roll of toilet paper) down next to a series of toys (even an awesome wooden camera doesn't stand a chance when placed next to the aforementioned onion). Apparently produce is popular with the under-two set: One commenter shares that her son has "played with potatoes" since he was a year old.

So does this mean we should all stop buying toys for our kids? Well, not necessarily. Toys—especially the right toys—can be pretty great for a little one's development. But let's consider this a reminder: Spending a fortune on playthings for your kiddo may not always be the most important thing. Sometimes, letting them go to town on a measuring cup or a spatula is just as fun. Hand over one of each and call it a music lesson!

And if your child seems a little too interested in playing with produce? Well, you're not alone.

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