Playing With Baby: Baby Toys

Not only are baby toys fun for playtime, they can help your cutie develop her fine motor skills as well. Find out which kind of toys are best for your tot and why.


[MUSIC] There are so many baby toys out there, it's hard to know which ones are appropriate for your child. You always wanna select ones that seem developmentally suited for your baby. And go with the ones that are simple. The toys that they can hold on to, easily with their fingers or the palms of their hands. So when your baby's about six or seven months, and they're sitting independently or even sitting in front of you, you can use stacking blocks or large stacking Legos. It's really fun for you and your baby together to build and knock them down. It's so great to have babies find cause and effect, by grabbing onto something and making a sound. And using a rattle or a small maraca that a baby can hold onto, is great for their fine motor coordination cuz they can grab onto with their fingers. They can put two or three fingers around the hole, and hold onto it. Once they have it in their hand, it will be up to them to discover that once they shake it, it makes a sound. It's really a great cause and effect activity. [LAUGH] So this is another great fine motor activity A first level puzzle, big knobs, big pictures. When choosing a puzzle for your baby, you wanna go with something simple. Start off with a puzzle that just has three or four pieces. And also, you wanna make sure that once the baby picks the puzzle piece up, that there's a visual reference for what's underneath. So these are all perfect toys for him at his age. [NOISE]

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