How to Buy Baby Toys on a Budget

There are plenty of ways to save on baby toys -- including making them yourself! We'll tell you how to stock your munchkin's playroom on a budget.


New parents wanna surround their little one with toys. But nobody wants to break the bank buying them. Here's how to save without skimping. If you're crafty, making your own toys will not only save you money. It'll make you feel accomplished. It's as simple as playing Peekaboo behind shapes you cut from colored construction paper. Not too artistic? Be resourceful. Make drums from cardboard boxes or just use pots and pans. Complete the set with wooden spoons. Instead of rattles or toy keys, give your baby a set of plastic measuring spoons. Also, ask friends if they have toys to hand down, or buy second-hand items at yard sales. Just make sure to inspect and thoroughly clean them before handing them over to your tyke. And when all else fails, hit your local playground to crawl around with other babies. Babies love to interact with each another. If it's chilly out, go to your local library to read books together. Most libraries have toys too. [MUSIC]

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