What's new for children less than a year old to play with? These hot finds! They'll stimulate curiosity and bring on the fun. 

Jessica Hartshorn
November 12, 2015
Jeffrey Westbrook

1. Follow me! Little Tikes Catch Me Crabbie dances back and forth, gently waving his claws and playing music to invite a chase. 6 to 36 months, $15.

2. Attach the Earlyears Hide 'n Go Lovey to the stroller so your baby can gaze at this elephant from his seat. When you pull the silky blanket out of the elephant's belly, your child can feel the different textures. birth to 18 months, $13.

3. Chewbeads are beloved jewelry for moms that babies can also gum. The same safe silicone is used for these hip new Zodies Teethers. birth+, $14.50 each.

4. You're sure to grab a certain someone's attention when you make the plush Eeboo Noisy Ball crinkle, squeak, or jingle. It has a truly distinct sound. birth+, $25.

5. Yookidoo's Donkey "Shake Me" Rattle has a bold pattern designed to stimulate developing eyesight. It also plays music when it moves. Riveting! birth+, $8.

6. With its curlicue shape, the Manhattan Toy Travel + Comfort Activity Spiral Fox can be hung on a stroller or car seat, where it's sure to tempt your infant to show off a big grin. birth+, $22.

7. The chunky fabric pages of Skip Hop's Explore & More Mix & Match Book are easy for little ones to turn. Rattle and teether included! birth+, $15.

8. The Manhattan Toy Play Pyramid has three sides, each featuring a sweet woodland parent and matching baby animal. You can also open it up and spread it flat for fun on the floor during tummy time. birth+, $30.

9. Playskool's Fold 'n Go Busy Elephant is the perfect pal to stash in the diaper bag to distract Baby when you're doing errands; it has seven different activities. 3 months+, $25.

10. Wee B. Ready is a collection of the classics— squeaky blocks, balls, teethers, and a plush friend—all stored in a sturdy drum that will be a blast for your baby to bang on. birth to 3 years, $18.

11. Lamaze Twist and Turn Hatchlings are so cute when they spin! Suction them onto a high-chair or stroller tray to give your tot extra entertainment. 6 months+, $15.

12. When Baby pushes down on the head of Kiddopotamus' Laffy Giraffy, beads in the toy's tummy jump around—a fun lesson in cause and effect. birth+, $20.

13. Give your little smarty Penguin-Whee from B. Toys and watch her figure out that she should hold the mama in order to pull the baby out. Then when she lets go, the baby jiggles back. birth to 2 years, $10.

14. Fill the HABA Little Frog Water Play Mat with water and show your sweetie that pressing the belly makes the shapes inside dance. It's fun to use on a high-chair tray or on the floor. birth to 12 months, $25.

15. As his dexterity sharpens, your child can fully explore this wild and crazy activity toy. Manhattan Toy Whoozit Whoops! has a mirror on the belly and nubby fabric on the back that's fun to pull. birth+, $15.

16. Fisher-Price's 2-in-1 Activity Chime Ball comes with three balls; tuck them inside the back of the owl and then watch Baby master fishing them out. birth+, $10.

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