Pinterest found that searches for "audio storytellers" were up 126% in 2018. Here's what you need to know about the next big bedtime trend.

By Maressa Brown
December 31, 2018
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Credit: Amazon

Kids are spending more time than ever in front of television, tablet, computer, and smartphone screens, while the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that screen time be severely limited, if not avoided, before age 2. Given that very real, timely concern, parents may take heart in the rise in popularity of a new device that leaves more to the imagination. Earlier this month, Pinterest released a sneak peek of their official 100 trends for 2019, and they noted that searches for "audio storytellers" were up 126% in 2018.

Audiobooks and audio storytelling devices give little ones the chance to use technology in a more active way, putting their imaginations to use during storytime. One of the most best examples on the market is the Lunii Fabulous Storyteller, which retails for $69.90 on Amazon. Users can choose from 48 stories available on the Storyteller, with hundreds more you can download from the Luniistore. Kids get to customize various elements of the stories, like a modern "Choose Your Own Adventure." 

The Echo Dot Kids' Edition, which launched earlier this year and retails for $79.99 is a similar concept with various other bells and whistles. It includes access to “over 300” kid-appropriate Audible audiobooks. Alexa will also offer kids "interactive tales" they build by answering questions, playing a character, or directing the action. There are also features called "Mad Libs" and "Story Maker," which let kids choose their own adventure.

And if a new storytelling device isn't necessary, there's always good old-fashioned Audible and other audiobooks, which can be played on a smartphone or tablet.

No matter which kind of technology parents opt for, any device that support kids' imaginations running wild is one to celebrate.


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