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Diapers aside, few things are as unsavory as your pup's pee pads. Welcome, DoggieLawn, a real grass pad that naturally cancels out odors, whether used indoors or out. Choose a size that best fits your dog and decide how often you want a new grass square delivered. A plastic tray underneath keeps messes contained. Just throw out or compost the soiled lawn when your next one arrives.


Kindred, a new brand featuring the experiences of Black families and celebrating the people raising the next generation of Black children, launched on January 18. Find news, advice, and solutions-focused content that honors Black cultures. Check out Kindred here.

Imperfect Foods
Courtesy of Imperfect Foods


If you regularly vacillate between trying to eat more veggies and spending less on groceries, Imperfect Foods offers a happy medium. The delivery service ships produce deemed too "ugly" for stores—but still perfectly tasty—along with surplus grains, dairy, meat, and other staples. It's a way to rescue food from the landfill, and to further stave off waste; you can skip deliveries on weeks you don't need them and even send back the shipping gel packs.

Sculpd Pottery Kit
Courtesy of Sculpd Pottery Kit


So you've wanted to try pottery since you first saw Ghost? The Sculpd Pottery Kit makes starting easy, with everything you need to make four small or two large pots. (And whether it's for your downtime or their craft time, it's okay if the first go isn't a masterpiece.)

This article originally appeared in Parents magazine's January/February 2022 issue as "The Short List."

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