This 8-Year-Old Boxer Will Inspire You to Find Your Inner Badass

We're loving her grit and determination.

Miss Babybug, an aspiring boxer from San Francisco, has some serious skills—and they'll make you feel either out of shape or inspired. We're pulling for the latter. (

With over 11,000 followers, the fitness diva is quite the Instagram celebrity, but she's gained extra attention after her coach, Jairo Escobar, shared a video of her doing some unbelievable boxing mitt work. That video has since gone viral after The Shade Room picked it up, gaining over a million views on Instagram.

The video shows the champion-in-the-making going at it for 30 seconds straight with laser focus—surprising even her coach. (

On top of just boxing, Babybug is a pretty amazing athlete overall, often showing off her mean jump-roping skills. Plus, she's basically the perfect reminder that women and girls are incredibly badass humans at any age, size, or stage in life.

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