How to Pitch Like a Big Leaguer

MLB pitcher Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals demonstrates how to pitch a baseball. Now, play ball!


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Adam Wainwright, starting pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. [MUSIC] And I'm about to show you how to teach your child the basics of pitching. When I was very young, my brother taught me how to throw a baseball and he built me a pitching mound out of good brown dirt. He had a strike zone laid out with the edges painted white. So that I was always throwing to the edges and it was just good practice from an early age. Your child no doubt has been watching big league games and seeing the pitchers with great movement and what they can do with the ball. But I'm here to tell you that the best way to learn how to throw a baseball is the four seam grip. Your fingers go right across, this is what we call the horseshoe, they go right across the horseshoe and as you throw the ball. Backspins and one, two, three, four seams past. Make sure your child finds a good, comfortable position on the mound. I like to be on the far left, because I can control my, my ball on both sides of the plate. So the stretch position allows your, your child the least amount of moving parts. This is called coming set, and we want our hands in the middle of our body, somewhere comfortable. It could be high, could be low, could be, you know, belt, could be whatever. I have a key where I know my glove hits my belt. And as your leg comes up, your hand dumps out of your glove. And with that good foreseam grip Ball is up. Elbow is pointed towards the target. My hips is pointed towards the target and my heel is pointed towards the target. We extend home. We follow through. You want to follow through in a way that you can land square to the target. So when that hitter hits it, you can catch it left, catch it right. And, as a pitcher, we know we're the best athletes on the field, we've got to make as many plays as we can. Remember guys, practice makes perfect. And I've been there before. Nobody likes practice, especially as a kid. But practice is where you, you hone your crap. And most importantly, have fun. Thanks for joining me today. I had a great time and I hope you did too.

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