Sports Gear

Different sports require different gear and equipment. Find out what your child will need to gear up for his favorite sport, ways to save money on costly equipment, and how to play it safe while having fun.

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Watch: How to Make Sure Your Child's Helmet Fits Properly

A new report shows that almost 50 percent of parents don't make their child wear a helmet. Here's why it's important, and how to get a proper fit.
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Sports Safety: The Manual Every Parent Needs

Any activity can be accident-free if you help your child follow these key injury-prevention rules.
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Spring Safety Checkup: 12 Ways to Prepare Kids for a Healthy Season Outdoors

Read this before the kids head outside to play. These 12 tips will help them have a fun—and accident-free—spring whether they're in a sport or just hanging out at the playground.
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Mouth-Guard Maintenance

It's important that your child keeps his mouth guard clean. Find out why and how here.
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Summer Sports Safety Checklist

Important tips on how to keep your kids safe when they're playing outside this summer.
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Sports Gear Guidelines

What sports equipment does your young athlete really need? We tell you when to spend -- and when to skimp.
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