This Creative Mom of Three Finds a Way to Work Out with All of Her Kids

This really is #workoutbuddy and #fitmom goals.

Juca Csíkos has her hands full with a set of twins and a newborn baby girl, but that hasn't stopped her from squeezing in workouts and making sure exercise has its rightful place in motherhood. The 27-year-old Hungary-based fitness lover has racked up more than 64,000 followers thanks to the inspirational and adorable posts of her getting fit with the help of her little ones.

Squat with all your kids 💪🏼🙃 Here are my twin girls and my littlest princess 💗 All weights: 30kg 😊 It was not easy to do some squats 👍🏼but if you like when your legs are burnin', come on! Just do it again and again 😅💦 Do 5-10reps in 2-3round 👍🏼 ------------------------------------------------------- Lovely pants from Tights Love Letter with Tank Sport and Soul -------------------------------------------------------- Guggolj a gyerekeiddel 👍🏼 Szereted ha bedurrannak a lábaid? Akkor ezt a feladatot neked is ki kell próbálnod 😅💦 -------------------------------------------------------- Outfit Tights Love Letter with Tank Sport and Soul #ninaandco #liveofficial

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Whether it's synchronized baby lifting or squatting all three kiddos while taking a walk in the park (talk about weight training!), she's found a way to make working out a part of mother-daughter play time, so she doesn't have to choose between the two. (Meanwhile, this mom basically turned her entire house into a gym.)

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The balance Csíkos has found with her family benefits both her and her children since most kids need at least an hour of physical activity every day, which can help them build healthier bones and boost self-esteem, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Perhaps the most impressive mommy skill Csíkos has adopted is finding a way to exercise while breastfeeding—yep. No more stopping mid-sweat session if her newborn is crying. She just straps on some ankle weights and gets inventive. Check it out for yourself. (You know what else you can do while breastfeeding? Help run the government: This Badass Australian Senator Just Became the First Woman to Breastfeed In Parliament.)

"Don't have time to do some exercises because your sweeties have to eat?" she captioned a recent video of her doing weighted leg lifts while nursing. "Don't worry! Here is an idea for you moms, just do it slowly while your babies are breastfeeding."

It's no secret that having kids forces you to let go of your normal workout schedule, or at the very least, switch from late afternoon sessions to early (very early) morning workouts, but it's great to see moms getting creative in order to break a sweat with their kids.