I Tried Apple's New Streaming Workout Video Service and It's Perfect for Busy Moms

Apple launches its Fitness+ service today. It’s cheaper than Peloton and pretty convenient for any parent—pandemic or otherwise—especially if you’re already a fan of the Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone.

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Finding time to breathe, think, or even shower as a parent in these unprecedented times can feel like a mammoth task—let alone adding in a workout or any kind of self-care regimen. As a single mom, my time with my 4-year-old daughter Esme is a mix of joy (since I only have her half the time) and a daunting feeling that when I do have her, everything non-essential can fall by the wayside—especially when I'm working full time and watching her at the same time.

For me, exercise became a thing I did when I didn't have my daughter with me, but then I'd be so burnt out from when I had the chance to work out that it was easy to fall into the habit of just another run to the same-old music. So when Apple launched its Fitness+ service today, which is built on weaving workouts into your everyday life—even when said everyday life is as hectic as a parents'—I jumped (literally… hello HIIT butt-kicks) at the chance. Here are four ways I found the new Fitness Plus service from Apple to be especially great for parents.

It moves with you, even on your busiest of days

Fitness+ is an interactive and immersive service built around Apple Watch. If you've ever used one, you'll be familiar with those Activity Rings, which show up on screen while you workout, alongside other metrics, like heart rate and calories. You can choose from a range of different workouts—from cycling to yoga, HIIT to dance, core and treadmill, filtered by time, trainer, and music preference. Best part is you can do a workout wherever is convenient to you, whether that's from your iPhone during naptime, your kid's iPad when they're not looking or Apple TV when you finally get the house to yourself. Heck, you can even bring a workout to the playground.

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It recommends workouts when you have zero time to think for yourself

Fitness+ taps into a smart algorithm that recommends workouts and trainers for you based on your skill level and preferences. Some of my faves for a cardio boost have been HIIT workouts with Kim and Dance with Jhon, so it was easy for me to come back to what I knew and loved. The good news is if you're a total beginner—or starting again after a long time off, which I know is typical for a lot of parents, myself included—Fitness+ offers total beginner workouts, which teach the basics of everything from yoga to cycling with a whole range of Getting Started videos with tips on form and how to set up your equipment (not that you need anything more than your favorite athleisure outfit for many of them).

It keeps you motivated

As a parent, the burnout risk is real—which is why I need a little nudge to keep up with my workouts. The motivation game is strong with Fitness+. Not only are there the onscreen animations, which notify you when you close an Activity ring (hey, I need to celebrate every win these days), but the Burn Bar element helps you see how you fared against everyone else doing the workout and if you're competitive—the harder you work, the move you move up in the pack.

You can share it with the whole fam

Through family sharing, up to six people can use a single Fitness+ subscription—which makes the price even more appealing when you compare it to other fitness subscription services or a gym membership.

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Bottom line

As a parent, finding a time to workout is sometimes more challenging than the workout itself. If that's you, you're already a fan of Apple products and you want the variety of an expansive menu of workouts to do from home, Fitness+ has got your name written all over it.

You can subscribe to Fitness+ for $9.99 a month, or $79.99 per year with one month free. A three-month subscription to Fitness+ is included free with the purchase of a new Apple Watch through March 31, 2021. Alternatively, it's part of the Premier Apple One plan, which costs $29.95 per month, and bundles in other products like Apple Music, Apple TV+, and iCloud storage.

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