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Get the lowdown on fun ways you can help your family stay healthy and fit by balancing calories consumed with physical activity.

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Walking with Baby: Tips and Gear to Get Back In Shape
Grab your baby, head outside and get back into shape after giving birth with this easy walk/jog workout. The right gear makes it safe and fun for both of you.
5 Ways to Keep Your Little Athlete Healthy
Bumps and bruises happen, but so do more serious problems. At least 2 million kids under age 19 go to the E.R. for sports and recreation injuries each year, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Tommy John, D.C., coauthor of Minimize Injury, Maximize Performance, shares how to protect your kiddo.
These Are the Easiest Ways to Be Healthy as a Family, According to Moms
Mothers around the country share how they infuse healthy eating, fitness, mindfulness, and more into their family life.

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