It’s baseball season! Teach your kids how to get the ball to the base with these expert tips from Nicholas Caringi, Little League International senior director of operations and education in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.


Step 1: In the beginning, stand with just a few feet between you and your child. Slowly begin moving back as he gets more comfortable throwing and catching.

Step 2: Have your child hold the baseball in the hand he writes with, and place his index and middle fingers on top of the ball, and the thumb underneath. The baseball glove goes on the opposite hand.

Step 3: Have him stand sideways, with the shoulder of the arm holding the glove facing forward. To start, he should hold the ball inside the glove in front of his chest. Then bring the ball back behind him in a circular motion, down past his leg and up and over his head, releasing the ball as his arm is passing his head and falling forward.

Step 4: When you throw the ball back to your child, encourage him to hold the glove open out in front of him. At the same time, he should always watch the ball in the air and move his glove to where he sees it going.

Step 5: Move around—catch isn’t a stationary game! Have fun with it, tossing balls to your child’s left and right. Mix it up with grounders and pop-ups too. Variety will keep it fresh!

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