Kids who play sports learn about teamwork and sportsmanship, while working on hand-eye coordination and getting their heart rate up. Find out what sports are right for your kids, how much is too much, and ways to find balance during the busy school year.

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Teen Transgender Athlete Helps Revise League Policy
High school freshman Bobby Jones wanted to play on the soccer team that reflects his gender identity. His family and community set out to revise a league policy to create affirming opportunities for kids.
The Making of a Professional Athlete
Very few youth athletes go on to make a career of their sport. For the ones who do, it takes time, support, and money—not to mention passion and raw talent. Families of rising young sports stars share their stories.
The Untapped Potential of Mixed-Gender Youth Sports
Since the 1990s, youth sports have become sex-segregated, expensive, and specialized at earlier ages. As more parents and coaches look to sports life after COVID, could mixed-gender teams increase participation and level the playing field?
Kids Need 'Real-Life Ted Lassos': How Youth Sports Coaches Can Help Heal a Generation Coming Out of the COVID Pandemic
There are great benefits for kids participating on a youth athletic team. When coaches receive training in trauma support, they can be part of the mental health recovery everyone needs.
Dominique Dawes Says Competitive Sports Can Be 'Toxic' for Kids, but Parents Can Help
Four-time Olympic medalist Dominique Dawes is outspoken about the "toxic culture" in competitive sports. The gymnast and mom of four has advice for parents to protect kids from its harmful effects.

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The Unappreciated Fun of Roller Skating as a Family
Looking for a new family hobby? Roller skating is good for your health, fun for all ages, and something to enjoy year-round.
I Was Drowning, So I Hired a Parenting Coach—and It's the Best Money I've Ever Spent
Some people take tennis or violin lessons. I take parenting lessons. Yes, it's expensive, but the value I get from it is priceless.
We Need to Stop Pressuring Kids to Be the Best at Their Sport

As a parent, we want our kids to be the best they can be. But when it comes to youth sports, putting too much pressure on them can have serious repercussions.