Kids who play sports learn about teamwork and sportsmanship, while working on hand-eye coordination and getting their heart rate up. Find out what sports are right for your kids, how much is too much, and ways to find balance during the busy school year.

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Arizona Coach Pumped Breast Milk for Her Baby During Halftime of NCAA Women's Championship Game

"For those of you who think this is too much information, let’s normalize working mothers and all they have to do," sideline reporter Holly Rowe said.

I Tried Apple’s New Streaming Workout Video Service and It’s Perfect for Busy Moms

Apple launches its Fitness+ service today. It’s cheaper than Peleton and pretty convenient for any parent—pandemic or otherwise—especially if you’re already a fan of the Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone.

7 Ways to Exercise at Home With a Toddler or Preschooler

At home with a rambunctious toddler or preschooler? Here's how to exercise in a way that gets your heart pumping and helps run down their energy, too.

I’m a Mom and a Barre Instructor: Here Are 7 Moves You Can Do at Home

Get your body moving at home with these simple and fun barre techniques. All you need is a countertop, sink, heavy chair, or sofa and some good music to boot.

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2020 Tokyo Olympics Postponed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, IOC Member Says

“The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the Games are not going to start on July 24, that much I know," Dick Pound said.

My 6-Year-Old Is a Triathlete, and My Biggest Inspiration

I've long been competing in triathlons, but seeing my young son participate is what's made me a better athlete and person.

A Pennsylvania Teenager Just Won $3 Million in the First-Ever Fortnite World Cup

"Everything I've done, the grind, it's all paid off," Fortnite World Cup champ Kyle Giersdorf, 16, said after his win.