28 Printable Activities for Kids

Keep kids busy at home while boosting their brain development with these fun (and free) printable activities, including coloring pages, educational worksheets, scavenger hunts, and more.

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Have you wholly exhausted your coloring books, board games, and willpower to brainstorm a fun craft? Join the club. Enter these easy printable activities for kids. They will not only help banish boredom but also boast fun challenges and learning opportunities for improving brain development. What's more, they don't require much time or effort from parents—all you need is a printer and some household supplies. Win-win!

Printable Games and Activities

From scavenger hunts to tangram puzzles, these printable activities will be a hit with children of all ages.

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America bingo

Fourth of July Patriotic Bingo
Don Diaz

This patriotic Bingo game includes All-American favorites, like Abraham Lincoln, hot dogs, the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam's hat. Pass out game pieces (we used seashells) and give clues for your child to fill the board. For example, your clue for George Washington can be "the first President of the United States who is also on the $1 bill."

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Tangram puzzle


These printable tangram puzzles teach kids about shapes. Print the templates, cut out the pieces, and have your child arrange them as the three different figures: a house, a fox, or a camel.

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Scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunt Template

These four easy scavenger hunts include items you probably have on hand (for example, a flower, T-shirt, pen, bandage, and paper clip). Section off a corner of the house for the scavenger hunt—like the living room or backyard—and hide the objects for your child to find. You can also print out this blank scavenger hunt template to make your own list. Winners get this nifty award coloring page!

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Table setting placemats

Placemat Table Setting Printable

Kids love role-playing as waiters and waitresses. Make the pretend time more fun—and teach how to set the table—with this table-setting placemat printable.

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Paper money

Parents Bucks

It's never too early to start teaching good money sense. Print this colored cash to get started, and help your kid understand that money can be exchanged for their favorite treats.

  • $1 Parents Bucks
  • $5 Parents Bucks
  • $10 Parents Bucks
  • $20 Parents Bucks
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Printable greeting cards

Printable Birthday Card

Homemade greeting cards are always more special than store-bought varieties. After printing out these templates, your children can decorate them and write a sentimental message.

  • Get Well Soon
  • Happy Birthday
  • I Love You
  • It's A Boy!
  • It's A Girl!
  • Today You Are...
  • Thank You
  • We Love You!
  • Welcome Baby Sister/Brother
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Printable crown

statue of liberty crown coloring page

With some printing, coloring, and folding, your child can create an adorable crown that resembles the Statue of Liberty's headdress.

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Field log

Explorer field journal

This downloadable field journal takes your child on an exploration of familiar places and objects.

Printable Coloring Pages

Coloring pages can keep some kids entertained for hours, and these are suitable for all ages. Will your child prefer coloring them with crayons, markers, or colored pencils?

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Hot air balloons

Hot Air Balloon Party printable coloring page

Oh the places you'll go! As your little one colors these hot air balloons, they can imagine flying across the world.

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unicorn 5
Emma Darvick

This mystical unicorn is galloping underneath a rainbow. Could it be searching for a pot of gold?

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Happy Student Coloring Page
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

With their life-sized pencils, these happy students are ready for class!

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Planet Earth

Earth Day Coloring Page
Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Celebrate our planet with this free printable coloring page for kids.

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Under the sea

Sea Creature Coloring Page
Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong. Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

How will your child decorate these whales, fish, crabs, and seals?

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Color by letter star


This "color-by-letter" printable helps kids master uppercase and lowercase letter identifications. The finished product is a magical wishing star!

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Color by letter umbrella


Can your child uncover the hidden umbrella in this printable coloring activity?

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Full flowers

Flowers Coloring Page for Teens
Emma Darvick. Emma Darvick

Older children will love the flowers in these printable pages, which abound with petals to decorate.

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Birds of a feather

Bird Coloring Page for Teens
Emma Darvick. Emma Darvick

These three perching birds are ready for a bit of color!

Printable Educational Worksheets for Kids

Looking to incorporate some learning into your child's day? Check out these printable worksheets that cover addition, subtraction, measurements, writing, and more.

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What comes next?

What Comes Next? Kindergarten Math Worksheet
Emma Darvick. Emma Darvick

This worksheet is ideal for Kindergarteners. First, have your child figure out the next number in the sequence. Then they can fill in flowers from one to eight at the bottom of the worksheet.

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Pattern play

Pattern Kindergarten Math Worksheet
Emma Darvick

It's time to teach patterns! This printable worksheet encourages your child to circle what shape comes next.

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Animal antics

Animal Antics Fill in the Blank Worksheet

Here's how this printable activity works: Complete each sentence with words from the box, then read them aloud for practice.

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Single-digit addition

Single Digit Addition Worksheet
Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong. Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

At-home practice can hone your child's mathematical skills. Print out this worksheet for some single-digit addition practice.

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Count the spots

Counting Addition Worksheet for Kids

Your first-grader should be able to complete this worksheet. Count the spots on the dog, and write the answer in the blank space. They can also color the pups after completing the problems!

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Counting apples

Counting Apples Addition Worksheet

This worksheet reinforces two separate skills: color recognition and simple addition.

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Family vacation

Fill-in-the-Blank vacation worksheet

This fill-in-the-blank worksheet talks about a family vacation.

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Coloring by subtraction

Color By Subtraction Worksheet
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

After completing these single-digit subtraction problems, your child can fill in the picture with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Refer to the instructions for more details!

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Subtraction using pictures

Subtraction using pictures worksheet
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

Do you have a visual learner on your hands? They can cross off shapes to solve subtraction problems in this printable worksheet.

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Measuring in inches

Measuring Inches
Black Dog & Leventhal

This worksheet teaches your kid to measure in inches with three tools: a screwdriver, a hammer, and a saw.

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Word detective

Word Detective Worksheet

Practice your kid's reading skills with this printable worksheet; they have to draw an "X" through words that don't belong.

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