Printable Cubes: Make Language Learning Fun

Train your little one's ears to easily pick up foreign languages with our fun printables.

Language Cubes

Your child may not have the opportunity to hear and speak three to five languages at once, but you can still help her develop a love for learning foreign languages.

Our language cubes are a fun and simple way to teach your child how to say a few basic words in Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch. Click below to print our free language cubes now!

Your child can first color the cubes, and then assemble them (just follow the easy instructions on our printouts). While your child is coloring, have him repeat the words in the foreign language and in English!

Suggested Game

Blindfold your little one and have her pick one of the cubes from a hat. Then, have your child toss the cube and each time it lands on a particular word, ask your child to act out that word (for example, if it lands on apple, have him bite an actual apple, point to it, or put it on his head). You can help your child learn by repeating the word out loud in the language the cube indicates, and then in English. This way, your child associates the image with the word in the foreign language as well as in English.

Remember: The sillier it gets, the faster he will learn to associate the different languages with the words. So get creative and have a blast! Enjoy and let the fun begin!

  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
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