Banish boredom with Bingo! Print out our free picture boards, perfect for when you're on the go or looking for a fun game at home.

By Illustrations by Mairead Liberace
October 05, 2005

Want to keep fussy kids quiet at the store? Need to distract your children while waiting for the dentist? Wondering what the whole family can play at home on a Saturday night? Our Bingo cards--for the supermarket, for the doctor's office, for the car, or for an airport--help kids learn letters and numbers, identify shapes, colors, and patterns, and develop good game-playing skills.

Modify the rules below depending on your child's age and abilities.


Car Bingo - four bingo cards for driving in the car

Supermarket Bingo - four bingo cards for the Supermarket

Doctor's Office Bingo - four bingo cards for the Doctor's Office

Airplane Bingo - four cards for traveling on an Airplane

Item Words - all locations

Square Numbers - any location

Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher is required to download these bingo cards. Click below to download a free copy of the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


1. First, print out a board for each player. There are four different boards for each location.


If you are using the boards on the go, print out the appropriate location (i.e., the car for a car trip, the supermarket for a trip to the grocery store).


If you are playing at home, you can give everyone the same location, or, to ramp up the difficulty level, give different people different locations.

2. Next, identify all of the objects on the board.


Help your child find all of one item to prepare for the game.


Look at the grid and practice where the letters and the numbers meet (such as N3, the FREE SPACE).

3. Determine what a player needs to get to reach Bingo!


Everyone needs to cross out five squares diagonally from top left to bottom right or from bottom left to top right; or five squares across or down on any of the numbers or letters.


Play patterns like an X, a square, or a T.

4. Then figure out how a player needs to cross out his squares: color them in, circle them, or other. The FREE SPACE is the first square that everyone gets for "free" at the beginning of the game.


Let them cross out multiple items even if they only see them once.


Count each item three times, one for each square.

Here's where the fun starts!


1. Once you spot an item (in the aisles, in the doctor's waiting room, from the car window, et cetera) you can cross it out.

2. When you get to the end of the game (based on your preset rules), you call out, "Bingo!" and win.


1. Choose someone to be the Caller.

2. Print out the item names (for LITTLE KIDS) or the squares' numbers (for BIG KIDS) or both (for BIG KIDS), all at the bottom of this page. Carefully cut on the dashed lines, then crumple each piece in a ball. If you are counting each item only once (for BIG KIDS), you need to print three copies of the item names page.

3. Put the balled-up paper in a hat or bag and pass to the Caller.

4. The Caller pulls out a piece of paper one at a time and reads the item name or the square number out loud.

5. Players cross out the correct squares as they are called. The first person to reach the preset pattern wins and calls out, "Bingo!"

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