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No matter the occasion, look to our collection of free printable activity pages to keep your kids busy and entertained for hours. We've got language-building sheets, party invitations, cards, and more.

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Print It: When Teachers Call Home
Sometimes the hardest part of solving classroom troubles is pinpointing what the problem is. Keep track of your child's school progress and assignments with these printables -- then make room on the fridge for when the good grades start coming home!
Make Math Fun
Print these cool math games for a brainy day.
Printables to Stimulate Baby's Vision
Stimulate baby's eyesight and brain development with these striking black-and-white printables.
Printable Cubes: Make Language Learning Fun
Train your little one's ears to easily pick up foreign languages with our fun printables.
Mazes and Puzzles
Print it! Kids' mazes, puzzles, and more.

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Mother Goose Memory Game
Whether your little one is 2 or 6, she'll love our classic game with a barnyard twist!
Print It: Back-to-School
Getting ready for school can be a challenge. Parents.com's back-to-school printables make everything from morning madness to bedtime blues a little easier (and a lot more fun!).