9 Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages

Get the markers out and make an average day a little more magical (for free!) by printing out a few of our favorite fairy, rainbow, and baby unicorn coloring pages.

unicorn 2
Photo: Emma Darvick
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Prancing Polka-Dots

unicorn 2
Emma Darvick

The moon and stars are no match for this spotted unicorn!

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Bow-tiful Unicorn

unicorn 3
Emma Darvick

A ribbon is just the right accessory for a day spent frolicking in the fields.

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Sunny Days

unicorn 4
Emma Darvick

Run, jump, and pick a few flowers to take home.

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Rainbow Bright

unicorn 5
Emma Darvick

Hop on this mystical unicorn and go searching for a lucky pot of gold!

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Picture-Perfect Pony

unicorn 6
Emma Darvick

Strike a pose!

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Shooting Stars

unicorn 7
Emma Darvick

Make a wish on this magical unicorn soaring through the stars.

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Shore Thing

Emma Darvick

Life's just a day at the beach when you're this beautiful.

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Enchanted Castle

unicorn 9
Emma Darvick

Kick back with the queen of the castle.

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City Stallion

unicorn 10
Emma Darvick

Watch out, world! This unicorn is taking on the big city streets.

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