SUPER WHY Coloring Book Pages

Super Why's Whyatt Holding Pen
Get our free SUPER WHY coloring pages for hours of creative fun.

SUPER WHY's Alpha Pig Hammers

Help Alpha Pig build something special on this coloring page.

SUPER WHY's Princess Presto

Princess Presto looks dreamy as the literal star of this page.

SUPER WHY's Super Readers

The Super Readers are climbing up a beanstalk in this ready-to-color page.

SUPER WHY's Super Readers in a Comic

Get the comic book look with this page featuring the Super Readers.

SUPER WHY's Alpha Pig and Bug

It looks like Alpha Pig found a bug. Do you know what kind of insect it is?

SUPER WHY's Princess Presto and Cat

Help Princess Presto look pretty with crayons or markers.

Super Why to the Rescue!

Super Why is ready to go with his Super Duper Computer.

SUPER WHY's Wonder Red with Letters

Wonder Red is holding her Wonder Words Basket in this coloring page.

SUPER WHY's Wonder Red

Time to get rolling! Wonder Read is skating right towards you.

Super Why Holding His Why Writer

Ready to color? Super Why is waiting for you to give his costume a boost.

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