Martha Speaks Coloring Book Pages

Martha Speaks Truman
Let your kids enjoy coloring characters from their favorite PBS KIDS show! Get our free Martha Speaks coloring pages for hours of creative fun.

Martha Speaks on the Phone

Martha is talking on the phone in this cute coloring page

Martha as a Puppy

Ever wonder what Martha looked like as a pup?

Skits as a Puppy

Martha's sidekick Skits was a cute puppy!

Martha Speaks' Tiger

Color in this cute baby tiger in any color that you like.

Martha and Kitten

Martha and Kitten are happy to play with a ball you can color.

Martha Speaks Clutter-Filled Room

Help find missing items in a messy room you can color.

Martha Speaks Decoder Game

Decode what Martha is trying to say by using our key.

Martha's Naptime

Martha is enjoying naptime on a comfy chair. Color it in to set the scene.

Martha Speaks New Word: Extraterrestrial

Learn new words with Martha and her friends, such as this one: Extraterrestrial.

Martha with Skits

Martha and Skits are thinking about something in this coloring page -- you decide what it is!

Martha Speaks' Helen

Color an outfit for Helen, Martha's caring companion.

Martha with Helen

Martha and Helen are happy in this coloring page showing a warm embrace.

Martha Speaks' Jeffy the Elephant

Jeffy the dancing elephant gets to rock out in this coloring page.

Martha Speaks Blank Letter

Color and write on this page -- it's covered in paw-prints for your favorite animal-lover.

Martha Speaks' Kitten

Martha's secret Kitten pal is the only feline that Martha is happy to hang out with.

Martha Speaks' Nelson

Nelson the cat isn't very friendly to Martha, but you can color him here to be part of your Martha Speaks coloring book.

Martha with Pal Skits

Martha and Skits are great pals -- they even eat together.

Martha Speaks Search

Find the differences between the two rows of dogs in this coloring page, then color them in!

Martha Speaks' Skits Plays Catch

Jumping to grab a Frisbee, Skits is a talented dog!

Martha Speaks' T.D.

Color in T.D., a fun, friendly guy.

Martha Speaks' Truman

Make Truman's outfit colorful in this fun page.

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