10 Too-Cute Mermaid Coloring Pages

Whether you're throwing a mermaid-themed birthday party or just have a little one who is obsessed with The Little Mermaid, download and print our mermaid coloring pages for some free fun. You may even spot an Ariel lookalike in this bunch of fishy friends!

Photo: Emma Darvick
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Swimming Little Mermaid

Emma Darvick

Gus up this young mermaid leaving her castle under the sea.

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Teen Dream Mermaid

mermaid 2
Emma Darvick

Dance among the seaweed with this serene teen mermaid.

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Sassy Starfish

Emma Darvick

Bat your lashes with this stylish mini mermaid and her sassy starfish friends.

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Happy Fishes

mermaid 5
Emma Darvick

Hang with this happy mermaid and all her fishy friends.

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Ocean Beauty

mermaid 4
Emma Darvick

Strike a pose with this long-haired beauty and her bubbly fish friend.

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Shell Treasures

mermaid 6
Emma Darvick

Shine like a seashell in the rough with this fashionably fishy mermaid.

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Hang Loose

mermaid 7
Emma Darvick

Lounge on the sea floor and let your long hair float in the waves!

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Anything But Crabby

mermaid 8
Emma Darvick

We promise these crabby mermaid friends won't pinch!

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Mermaid in the Sun

mermaid 9
Emma Darvick

Just imagining what it would be like to be part of your world.

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Smashing Seahorses

mermaid 10
Emma Darvick

This Ariel lookalike loves her seahorse friends!

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