Print and Color for Afternoon Fun

Awesome Apples
As the Autumn chill sets in, keep your kids occupied inside with these cool coloring pages.

Squiggle-in Squirrel

This little woodland creature is super cute and ready to be colored in.

Not-So-Scary Scarecrow

The crows drained autumn blush from this scarecrow's face. Bring him back with a bit of color.

Turkey Time

Fall's favorite mascot is ready for Thanksgiving; all he needs is a little color!

Adorable Acorns

All the acorns fall from trees this time of year. Keep them festive with a colorful woodsy atmosphere.

Classy Cornucopia

Feel festive this fall while you scribble in each food favorite held by the cornucopia.

Get Twiggy With It

Knock on Wood! Have your kids practice shading with this simple drawing.

Good Enough to Eat

Have your kids color this pic and ask them what kind of pie they're "making" as they do!

Good Old Gourds

Have your kids color in this perfect pumpkin, or make them customize it with a personal jack-o-lantern face!

Fine Pine

Winter's coming, which means pinecones aren't far behind! Get your family excited for the season by doodling on a few pages!

Festive Frock

Get ready for the approaching Thanksgiving feast with this adorable Pilgrim hat.

Get Ready to Gobble!

Print out this silly coloring sheet for little ones, and encourage them to color each feather a different color.

Good Gatherings

Get ready for the fall harvest with these corn stalks!

Changing Leaves

Encourage kids to make each leaf a different color to emphasize how the trees change in fall.

Busy Bird

Print out a few birds so your kids can create different types like robins, blue birds, or crows.

Apple Picking

You know what they say? An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Let your kids color these apples red, green, or yellow. Then let them taste the difference between the different types on your next apple-picking adventure!

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