Super Bowl Party

Get the gang together for a Super Bowl party this year. Try our tips and advice for getting the party right. Find our best foods and healthy snacks.

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Pizza Hut Is Offering Free Pizza for a Year to the First Person to Give Birth During Super Bowl
The official pizza sponsor of Super Bowl LIII plans to also make free deliveries to local hospitals in Boston and Los Angeles.
A Kid-Friendly Game-Day Menu
Watching football will be more fun with this game-day feast that your kids can help make. Touchdown!
You'll Never Believe How Much Food We Eat on Super Bowl Sunday
I hope you're hungry, because chances are you're going to eat a LOT of food during the big game this weekend.
A New Way to Watch Super Bowl Commercials
Ask your kids to tell you what they think of each ad, and you'll learn a surprising amount about how their minds work.
Slow-Cooker Recipes to Feed a Crowd
Enlist your Crock-Pot for easy eats on game day. With these mouthwatering Super Bowl recipes to enjoy your guests will all be winners, no matter who they're cheering for. Touchdown!
7 Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Snacks
Make preparing for the big game a family affair. Bring in reinforcements while making these easy and healthy Super Bowl snack recipes. Little hands are perfect for shaping the cheese ball!