From Election Day to etc.

2: Election Day

Why we celebrate: Run to the polls! Once every four years the American government gives its citizens the chance to elect a new president; and there are local races to participate in, too.

What to do: Show your kids the importance of voting by teaching them about the candidates and issues under consideration. Take little ones in the booth with you so they can see the electoral process; it's a memory they'll keep.

9: National Young Readers Day

Why we celebrate: Education can be so important for your child's future, and one of the best ways he can learn is through books.

What to do: Share your favorite story with your kids. Have them read to you, and congratulate them on their excellent work. For older children, visit your local library, and get them their own library card; or give them a sticker or gold star for being such good readers.

11: Veteran's Day

Why we celebrate: Recognized after World War I, Veteran's Day is a day to pay tribute to the heroes of our great country who fought to ensure peace in the world.

What to do: Explain to your children about war,and why our armed forces battle to protect and preserve. Think about how old veterans of different wars would be (grandfather's age, uncle's age, teacher's age) so children can relate.

17: National Hiking Day

Why we celebrate: Fall foliage, crisp air, the last days before it gets too cold -- these are all great reasons to get the kids moving outdoors.

What to do: In your local park or woods, dress warmly and put on comfortable shoes. Then, take a hike! Point out birds you see or hear, different shaped leaves or seeds that have fallen on the ground, cloud patterns, animal tracks, or anything else that catches your eye.

20: National Family Volunteers Day

Why we celebrate: Volunteering is a great way to help your community, and when the whole family gets involved it shows children you really mean to make the world a better place.

What to do: Close to Thanksgiving, it's the perfect opportunity to donate food or time to a local shelter or soup kitchen.

25: Thanksgiving Day

Why we celebrate: After a hard first year in the new world, and with the help of their Native American neighbors, the Pilgrims' 1621 harvest turned out a plentiful amount of corn, fruits, vegetables, and other foods that would help them through the long winter. And so they held a big feast to celebrate both their success and their appreciation of friends and loved ones.

What to do: Being with family and friends is an important part of this day of thanks. Have everyone at the table share something they are thankful for this year.

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