Make it rain nips with the adult piñata of our dreams.

Nipyata Cactus
Credit: Courtesy of Nipyata

Anyone else catching themselves dreaming of summertime? Well, we sure are—and it’s hard not to when we are so close to warmer days. It’s been a rough winter, which means we are pulling out all the stops to make this summer the best one yet. We’re here to share our key to a fun-filled summer: It’s time to break out the Nipyata, everyone’s favorite booze piñata. Consider this the ultimate barbeque inspiration, because parents deserve to let loose on vacation too.

How fun and festive are these Nipyatas? Filled with your choice of mini alcohol bottles (a.k.a. nips), candy chasers, and Nipyata fortunes, these adult-approved piñatas are a must-have.

The best part: You get to design the piñatas yourself. Take it from us, this personalized touch will make you look like a pro party planner. Depending on the celebration, go ahead and pick out which piñata is on-theme with your event (each shape can hold between 1 and 50 nips), then pick which nips you would like in your Nipyata, and lastly, create custom fortunes to be featured on each of the nips—it’s that easy. Party entertainment, check.

Nipyata’s range from $79.99-$109.99—a steep price at first glance, but just think about all the drinks included. After breaking one open and indulging, you are sure to forget how much you spent anyways.

Nipyata Beer
Credit: Courtesy of Nipyata

Whether you're hosting your own summer bash or providing a gift for someone else’s, Nipyatas are the ideal party go-to. What better way to commemorate our favorite months of the year than with some boozy fun everyone can enjoy? I don’t know about you, but I think this calls for a cheers!