Throw your kid a party devoted to her favorite DIY pastime and ooey-gooey fun will be had by all!

homemade slime
Credit: jarabee123/Shutterstock

1. DIY the Decorations 

Stick splatter shapes cut from colorful poster board onto your walls with phrases like “Slime Station!” Customize paper lanterns: Squeeze puffy paint onto the top rims so they look drippy. Go back over areas to make them gloppier.

2. Pick the Right Recipe 

A school-age kid probably has a preferred recipe, but for little kids, use an edible one. We like this recipe from The Soccer Mom Blog: Mix 1/2 cup cornstarch and half a 3-oz. pkg. of sugar-free gelatin. Stir in 1 Tbs. water at a time, until mixture clumps (you’ll need about 1/4 cup).

3. Save Your Sanity 

Have some slime already made so kiddos can start the fun ASAP. Let half of the kids play with premade slime while the other half makes their own batch, then switch.

4. Make It Unique 

Now it’s time to personalize those blobs! Move kids to a table that has measuring spoons, food coloring, figurines, and bowls of sequins and glitter. Psst: Use baby wipes for cleanup here!

5. Play a Gooey Game 

Fill a bucket with slime and toss in one small toy per child. Have each child try to pull out a specific toy (an eraser, a ball) so they have to feel around for it!

6. Top It Off With Cake 

For a goopy treat, fill a pastry bag with instant pudding dyed with food coloring and drizzle it down any cake’s sides, says Amanda Rettke, author of Surprise-Inside Cakes.

7. Send the Fun Home

A slime kit is the perfect favor! Fill a zip-top bag with ingredients and the recipe.

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