These easy-to-assemble treats are a great addition to a bowling-themed birthday party!

Kingpin Cupcakes
Credit: Photographs By Meredith Jenks

With decorations made from gumdrops and a chewy black gum ball, these goodies taste as sweet as they look. The pins and balls can be prepped at home; they're easily placed on the frosted cupcakes at the bowling alley.

bowling cupcake step 1

To make a pin:

1. Gather a red spice drop, a white spice drop, 2 white gumdrops, nonpareil sprinkles, and a toothpick.

bowling cupcake step 2

2. With a sharp knife, cut a thin slice from the bottom of each drop, an additional slice from the red drop, and a slice from the top of one white gumdrop, to end up with the pieces shown at right.

bowling cupcake step 3

3. Assemble the pin as shown at right.

bowling party cupcake step 4

4. Use the toothpick to pierce holes for the eyes and nose, then use it to pick up the nonpareils and put them into the holes. Insert the toothpick into the bowling pin to secure it to the cupcake.

To make a ball:

Dab a bit of white frosting onto three white confetti sprinkles (tweezers are a good tool for this job). Place them on a black gumball.

Originally published in the August 2013 issue of FamilyFun

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