5 Icebox Cakes You Can Make With Your Kids

Your little cookie monsters are going to go wild for these easy lemon, strawberry, and classic chocolate icebox cake recipes thanks to layers upon layers of wafers and whipped cream. They'll love helping to make them too. And because these cakes are no-bake, no one will have to break a sweat.

Lemon Icebox Cake
Photo: Jen Causey
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Chocolate-Chip Cookie Icebox Pie

Chocolate-Chip Cookie Icebox Pie on orange cake stand
Jen Causey

All that whipped cream can get messy. For the nicest slices, use a large chef's knife—but be sure to have a bowl of hot water nearby for dipping the knife between cuts.

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Strawberry Icebox Shortcake

two Strawberry Icebox Shortcake on plates
Jen Causey

Heart-shaped strawberry slices make an extra-cute topping.

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Birthday Icebox Cake

Birthday Icebox Cake on yellow cake stand
Jen Causey

Rainbow nonpareils or sprinkles turn this simple icebox cake recipe into something truly birthday worthy.

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Classic Icebox Cake

Classic Icebox Cake on plate
Jen Causey

Thin chocolate wafer cookies (such as Nabisco Famous) are what give this round cake it's signature black and white style.

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Lemon Icebox Cake

Lemon Icebox Cake
Jen Causey

To decorate this beauty, grate zest from whole lemon over top, or garnish with candied lemon peel.

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