12 Free Game Apps for Kids to Download ASAP

Game apps for kids may be simple to play, but finding one that's fun and meets all your criteria as a parent is far from easy—especially in the free category. These pass the test.

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Kids Coloring Book: Paint

kids-coloring-book2 app

This new coloring book app is simply amazing. It's full of images to "paint" plus cool gaming elements, like a dragon that teaches kids about mixing colors and helps to guide young players to different functions.

Why we love it: The huge amount of stickers, colors to choose from, and the fact that a dragon teaches your kids to mix their own colors. Duh. Ages 3 and up; Available on iOS and Android

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Fiete World


Yes, this pretend play game has in-app purchases, but the free world full of characters is enough to keep your kid entertained for hours.

Why we love it: The complexity of this game can be catered to whoever is playing. A toddler can keep it strictly as pretend play, just moving around the lovely looking characters. Kids a bit older can interact with the environment, grilling hotdogs by first cutting down trees and starting a fire. Ages 4 and up; Available on Android

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Play and Discover


Play and Discover is packed with puzzle-based activities and zero ads. Score! Players can bake pies, create music, or learn about numbers and letters.

Why we love it: The visuals are lovely, but it's how they mix them with sound effects that makes this game so awesome. A perfect fit for toddlers. Ages 2 and up; Available on iOS

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Toontastic 3D


This game teaches storytelling by letting players build and record their own movies! The microphone lets players voice animations, and then records while they play with the characters. It's really easy to use, but a bit hard to explain how cool this one really is.

Why we love it: What child hasn't thought about becoming a movie director? They also have a science theme which is educational for kiddos. Ages 7 and up; Available on Android

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Lego Creator Islands


Unlike Minecraft where kids build block by block, this fun free game by Lego gives players multiple sets of legos that they drag and drop to build a little village of different models. Then you can play with the stuff you've built!

Why we love it: Building stuff gets increasingly more difficult, but never to that point that you want to give up. Ages 7 and up.

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avo free app game

We fell in love with this cute little character immediately. Meet Avo, a scientist's little helper, who players must guide to uncover a compelling story. You can try it out for free, then purchase more chapters if it's a hit and want to see how it ends.

Why we love it: This game is really fun to play with your child. The story keeps parents entertained, while toddlers can draw lines for Avo to follow. Ages 3 and up; Available on iOS

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Kitty Keeper: Cat Collector

kitty-keeper free game app

This sweet game is all about collecting cats, then decorating their rooms, feeding them, and moving them around. Players do have to be able to read though, so it's more suitable for ages 7 and up.

Why we love it: It has lots of depth and complexity for being a free game. There is so many kittens to choose from and a whole lot to do! Ages 3 and up; Available on Android

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Archaeologist - Jurassic Life


In this game, players are an archaeologist on the hunt for dinosaur bones. Find them to unlock new dinosaurs that you can puzzle together, feed, and paint.

Why we love it: Dinosaurs are always exciting, and being an archaeologist means digging deeper to learn more about the lost world of dinosaurs. Ages 2 and up; Available on iOS and Android

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Swift Playgrounds (iPad only)


Swift is a coding language used to build iOS apps, but this free app turns the tables and teaches players how to code with Swift by turning it into a game.

Why we love it: Having an understanding of how programming works is a great skill for kids, and this is such a cute and fun way to learn. Ages 7 and up; Available on iOS for iPad

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Trucks by Duck Duck Moose

trucks free game app

Wash cars, recycle garbage, and tow trucks! This game has all the components to make up a fun free game. Voice instructions guide players through the different stations and the music is super kid friendly.

Why we love it: Lots of mini games explain how things work in real life and no in-app purchases or annoying ads. Ages 2-6; Available on iOS and Android

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Dinosaur Pirates


This is a cute new puzzle game entertains little explorers while teaching them about nature, too. Players get two levels for free, and then must pay to unlock more. Therefore the game isn't totally free, but the first two levels are more than enough to see if it's a hit.

Why we love it: Dinosaur Pirates is even more fun with two players so if you have siblings they can cooperate to try to solve the puzzles. Ages 4 and up; Available on iOS and Android

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My Baby Doll


This easy tamagotchi game may be lacking in the visual department, but it's completely free and it's easy enough for a preschooler. The app was just released so let's hope they get a lot of downloads so they can add more content because this might be a diamond in the making.

Why we love it: Most tamagotchi-type apps demand players know how to read and tend to be quite complex. This one doesn't so it's perfect for the youngest players. Ages 2 and up; Available on iOS and Android

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