13 Throwback Games & Toys Your Kiddo Will Love

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Today, many retailers' shelves are filled with throwback toys that you can share with your kids. Check out the modern take on these toys.

My Little Pony

My Little Pony came to life in 1982 and has filled imaginary stables ever since. If you enjoyed Flutter Ponies or Twinkle-Eyed Ponies as a child, you’ll be excited to know that My Little Pony is still around and better than ever. Your littles will love modern-day My Little Pony which includes trains, castles, Ferris wheels, and more. Explore Equestria with Rainbow Dash Pony Winning Kick Set. It's off to the races with Rainbow Dash, who actually kicks when you squeeze her wings together. Let your child's imagination run wild by discovering even more with the My Little Pony Celebration app. ($10; hasbrotoyshop.com)


Nothing says nostalgia like kicking it old school with a centuries-old playground game that has been a child favorite for generations. Generally designed with chalk or outdoor paint, this game can easily be played alone or with several players. With Melissa and Doug’s Hop & Count Hopscotch Rug, your kiddos can enjoy this fun activity during rain or shine. Two bean bag play pieces are included with this colorful rug. Your kiddos will practice balance, counting, and taking turns with this classic game. ($30; melissaanddoug.com)

Guess Who?

Does your mystery character have red hair? If your kiddo can form simple "yes" or "no" questions like this, then she's ready to play the classic '80's Guess Who? game we all love. For a new spin on the throwback game, try the Disney or Harry Potter version. ($26; kohls.com)

Moon Shoes

What kid wouldn't enjoy mini trampolines attached to their feet? Moon Shoes have been helping kiddos across the world develop balance and coordination since Nickelodeon started advertising them in the '80s. Not much has changed with the design, coloring, or concept since our adolescence, but they're still loved by many. ($30; amazon.com)

Lincoln Logs

Not only have Lincoln Logs been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame, but they recently celebrated their 100-year anniversary since their invention. Your future architects can use the notched miniature logs to create forts, houses, and buildings. Embrace the nostalgia of this iconic toy and create some log structures of your own! ($40; walmart.com)


One of the first of many toys for future artists and designers, Lite-Brite was an instant favorite. Your kids can still express their artistic abilities like we once did, but with character-shaped pegs and reusable templates. Let your kiddos create endless mess-free masterpieces with Lite-Brite. ($15; target.com)


Originated in 1984, Hasbro's Transformers brand have entranced consumers with their more-than-meets-the-eye robots for decades. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron are among the fictional characters who have made a lasting impression on the Hasbro franchise that has been further popularized by films, comic books, and video games. Today, your kiddos can root for Autobot member, Bumblebee, to defeat the Decepticons. This warrior figure can transform from world-saving robot to speedy sportscar in five simple steps. ($6; hasbrotoyshop.com)

Bop It!

Twist it, pull it, bop it! Although a different design, packaging, and color, this modern-day Bop It! mirrors the concept of the original favorite. The updated version includes 10 action-oriented moves that your kids and tweens will love including whip it, selfie it, and sing it. This fast-paced game is fun for large groups of any age. ($20; target.com)

Mr. Potato Head

Since his original debut in 1949, Mr. Potato Head has provided endless entertainment to kids. The design has been reinvented many times with this set including a Mr. and Mrs. Potato and two potato pets. Get your kiddos giggling while designing and dressing their PlaySkool Spud Set which includes 45 accessory pieces and a storage case. It's probably been awhile since you practiced your Picasso technique on the beloved potato, so you'll want to join in on the fun too! ($50; kohls.com)

Easy-Bake Oven

Yes, you can teach your kids to cook with a lightbulb like you did in the '80s or '90s, but the modern take on the classic oven means it's all electric. Your little ones will feel like baking stars when they whip up tasty treats with the latest version of Easy-Bake Oven. Along with the new design and color, you'll find new mixes to be baked, so get ready to volunteer as the designated taste tester. ($60, toysrus.com)


Don't let the name "Skip Ball" fool you; this is the same toy we loved but with new flashing lights. This '80s favorite introduced the importance of foot-eye coordination to kids at a young age. Meant to spin around the ankle before skipping over the attached ball, this game brought on endless neighborhood and sibling challenges to determine who could complete the task the most times in a row without tripping. Bring friendly competition to your children with this modern-day version. ($8; jet.com)


Let your little surgeons get to work with the classic Operation game. Kiddos can use the tweezers to "operate" on Cavity Sam and remove 12 ailments to help bring him back to health. Parents will reminisce their youth removing the wishbone, Charlie horse, and Adam's apple without a buzz. Operation is also available in Finding Dory, Star Wars, and Spongebob themes. ($18; jcpenney.com)

Tinker Toys

Take a trip down memory lane with this updated and more colorful version of Tinker Toys. This classic toy is ideal for budding engineers. Once designed of wood, Target's plastic version creates the same concept. Get building and share your love of Tinker Toys with your kiddos. ($23; target.com)

The Care Bear onesies are available in all sizes so every family member can be in on the fun!

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