Help your child check out a slew of books with the help of this surprise-filled incentive board.

Book Bonanza
Credit: Photograph by Michael Piazza

Book Bonanza

Here's a surefire way to build excitement around the written word. Inspired by book-bingo handouts used by librarians, we designed a treat-packed home version that rewards frequent and wide-ranging reading. Whether your kids are born bookworms or reluctant readers, they'll get a kick out of earning prizes through their bookish pursuits -- and never suspect that they're also boosting their literacy skills.

Make the Board:

1. With strips of double-sided tape, attach 16 envelopes to a sheet of foam core or sturdy corrugated cardboard in a grid as shown (our board measures 21 by 29 inches).

2. For the labels, print your own prompts or our template below onto paper. Cut out the prompts (we used a 2-inch circle punch).

3. Fill each envelope with a prize (see suggestions below) and seal it with a label affixed with double-sided tape.

Hit the Books:

After finishing a book on a specified topic, the reader opens the corresponding envelope to find a prize. Here are envelope-stuffers that would work well with a few of our topics.

For a book about:

Space: Glow-in-the-dark star stickers

Art: A little paint set

Another Country: A toy airplane

Jokes: A bite-size Snickers bar

Animals: A toy critter

Fairy Tales: A tube of glitter glue

Science Fiction: A toy robot

Originally published in the June/July 2014 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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