Got a beginning reader? Dust off an old set of dominoes and transform it into a tool for mastering letter sounds. 
Rhyme and Reason Domino Game

Opt for a set of 28 tiles, which will allow your child to learn up to 56 words in one go (and, thanks to colored masking tape, you can easily swap in new words). Choose rhymes from vocabulary lists sent home from school, or search online for rhyming-word lists targeted to your child's age and stage.

How to Make the Game: Cover the back of each domino with 1-inch-wide colored tape (we used Scotch Expressions colored masking tape). Trim the edges. With a thin marker or gel pen, draw a line across the center. From your vocabulary lists, write two words that don't rhyme on each domino. You should use a series of rhyming words from each list.

How to Play: Lay the dominoes facedown. Have each player draw seven. To start, the first player places a domino in the center. In turn, players place one tile to make a rhyme on any open side. If a player can't find a rhyme, he draws another tile and the next player takes a turn. The first one to use all his tiles wins the game.