Will the Real Blippi Please Stand Up?

There's a lot of change in the Blippi-sphere—including a live show, animated cartoon, and a new actor playing Blippi. Here's what you need to know about what's going on with everyone's favorite orange-and-blue goofball as the world of Blippi continues to expand.

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Both kids and parents have been fans of Blippi since creator Stevin John came onto the scene with the educational YouTube series in 2014, but the Blippi universe has exploded since being acquired by Moonbug Entertainment—the kids digital media company that also has fan-favorite CoComelon on its roster—in 2020. At the time, Moonbug promised a toy line expansion, more storylines across more platforms, and new characters, all "with the goal of transforming Blippi into the biggest, most accessible presenter-led show globally"—and they're definitely delivering on that promise.

In addition to the original YouTube show, little kids can get their Blippi fix with a live national tour, a cartoon series, and a brand new show launching in December. But with all this growth comes new characters, including a different actor to help play Blippi, leaving parents more than a little confused. There's even been some backlash surrounding everyone's favorite goofy performer as protective moms and dads wonder what happened to the "real" Blippi and whether or not they'll see even less of him as the world of Blippi gets even bigger. Here's what you need to know if your child loves Blippi. Spoiler alert: He's not going anywhere!

Is There a New Blippi?

No need to do a double-take—yes, there is a new actor playing Blippi.

While Stevin John continues to play Blippi as he always has, actor Clayton Grimm—chosen by John—was introduced to parents as Blippi in the live tour Blippi the Musical. If you haven't seen him, Grimm does a pretty good job of imitating John's creation, with the same energy and childlike spirit. With the positive response of the tour—Moonbug says they sold over 10,000 tickets per week—and increasing demand for more Blippi, the decision was made to bring Grimm in to help grow the YouTube channel, which currently boasts over 34 million subscribers globally, with his very own Learn With Blippi show.

Here's What Parents Are Saying

It makes sense that another actor was brought in to help John as the demand for more Blippi grows, but some parents aren't having it.

After an initial wave of backlash in 2019 when angry parents learned John wouldn't star in the tour and again in May when Learn With Blippi launched, parents picked right back up with the outrage over an Instagram post featuring Grimm in October.

Comments call Grimm an imposter and the fake Blippi, with parents up in arms over Blippi 2.0.

"The thing is," one parent commented on Instagram, "if it's getting busy and you need help, maybe get Blippi an assistant or sidekick…putting in a replacement is kind of insulting to kids' intelligence…they do notice. Just saying."

My 3-year-old son—who can spell Blippi and no other words, by the way—hasn't realized there are two different actors playing the character and went wild over Grimm's performance in the live show when we went back in September. Some parents, however, say their kids can't be fooled by the stand-in.

"My 4-year-old literally won't watch this young man," one mom wrote on Instagram. "That's not Blippi mom, where is the real Blippi?"

As time goes on, though, more parents are starting to change their tune.

"When I 1st saw this new guy as blippi I was a bit disappointed," one parent commented. "BUT I started to watch more and more videos ( I mean my kid ) and he is really good ! We all deserve an opportunity and he does a wonderful Job !"

Is the Original Blippi Being Replaced?!

No way. While Moonbug says that Blippi is more than just one person, it's clear that fans love Stevin John—plus, he's still the star and driving force behind all production and creative direction of the show.

You should give Grimm a chance and check him out on Learn With Blippi or in Blippi the Musical if you're able to attend when more cities are added this month, but here's where you can still catch the original Blippi nowadays:

  • As the voice of the animated Blippi in the newly-launched cartoon, Blippi Wonders
  • In regular videos on Blippi's YouTube channel
  • John will also star in the new original Amazon Kids+ series, Blippi's Treehouse, airing this December

Other Blippi Changes Parents Can Expect

More Blippi is on the way! With that, parents and kids should be on the lookout for more new characters.

Blippi's best friend, Meekah, played by actor Kaitlin Becker, was introduced in October. She'll join episodes of Blippi's regular show and will also appear in the upcoming live-action original series Blippi's Treehouse—premiering on Amazon Kids+ on December 1—giving more viewers—including little girls!—a chance to see themselves reflected.

"Blippi's stories are inclusive and universal, and Meekah is the perfect person to join him in that mission," said Katelynn Heil, Moonbug's general manager of Blippi, when Meekah was introduced. "Together, they will continue to inspire kids all around the world to get excited about learning new things."

But Meekah's just the start, and two more characters—puppets named Patch and Scratch—will also appear in Blippi's Treehouse to play, sing, and read along with Blippi.

The Bottom Line

Time to embrace change. There's a whole lot of Blippi to go around, and even more coming in 2022. The original Blippi is not being replaced, and parents and kids alike should get excited about all the new Blippi to come.

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