7 Reasons You Should Be Watching 'Yummy Mummies' If You're Pregnant

The Netflix reality show follows the lives of four uber-posh expectant moms in Australia. Here are several reasons it'll make your jaw drop—but maybe also warm your heart.

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Watch out, Real Housewives and Kardashians, there are four new reality show stars from Down Under who've captured imaginations of viewers around the world. Yummy Mummies follows three wealthy, stylish expectant moms from Melbourne, Australia who have a popular Instagram account called Melbourne Yum Mums. They're pitted against a materialistic, label-obsessed mom-to-be from Adelaide in order to—as producers would have us believe—out-diva one another. The Bravo-style storyline is very obviously enhanced for drama, a bit eye roll-inducing, and hyperbolic, which means it's pretty good fluff entertainment, especially if you're expecting and need a laugh.

The first season hit Netflix last year, and the second season premiered in July, so you can currently binge it to your heart's content. Here, seven outrageously silly, unrealistic, jaw-dropping things you'll see on Yummy Mummies that will have you shaking your head—and one thing that will hopefully feel heartwarming and relatable.

1. Over-the-top push presents

In season one, moms-to-be Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, and Rachel Watts head out on a mission to find a suitable push present, and Lorinska picks out a rare olive green diamond ring that's nearly $70K. Jane shared on Instagram that she got a Range Rover as hers.

2. Versace-themed baby showers...held in wedding venues

Most of us want to go with themes like rubber ducky or safari, but for the cast of Yummy Mummies, everything at a baby shower must be designer. Oh, and your baby shower was held on your mother-in-law's patio or your go-to brunch spot, right? Well, Maria Di Geronimo on Yummy Mummies had to have the biggest room of the fanciest venue in town, even if that means bumping a wedding out of the space.

3. Designer baby clothes galore

Before her baby was born, Maria collected tons of baby clothes, accessories, and shoes from all of her favorite labels—from Gucci to Burberry. You gotta love her devotion to couture, but this moment might also set off hysterical laughter from anyone who knows all too well that one diaper explosion means throwing even the cutest outfit in the trash.

4. Totally unrealistic (yet relatable) post-baby body expectations

When Lorinska asserted that she's going to "snap back" to her pre-pregnancy size STAT after giving birth, even Jane knew she needed a reality check, telling her that she's going to have to contend with loose, soft, sagging skin.

5. Outrageous babymoons

Maria and her partner Carlos flew to Australia's Gold Coast to stay at the Palazzo Versace hotel where they stayed in the extravagant Imperial suite. NBD, right?

6. Questionable-yet-hilarious behavior

Did we mention Maria's babymoon happened just two weeks before Maria was full-term? (Yes, she faced backlash for flying in the third trimester.)

7. True mom friends

The most relatable, heartwarming part of the show? The Melbourne group's friendship. Even off-screen, on their Instagram account, they appear to be celebrating one another. And that, in and of itself, is a reason to watch the show. Forget Burberry and push present bling. Having a couple of close mom friends who see you and get you and, above all else, support you is truly aspirational.

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