Grown-Up Comedy Sketches for Kids

Silliness is serious business when you're a kid. So get ready to crack them up with these hilarious clips!

Mother and Daughter Laying On Couch Laughing Watching Laptop Computer Screen bbernard/Shutterstock

My kids are at the delicious ages (9 and 7) where they still want lots of cuddles but don’t want to watch babyish cartoons. Whew! I’m over kid shows too. So I vet clips of PG celebs first, and then we watch and laugh together. These are ones that have my kids in stitches and inspire them to make their own funny videos. (Queue ’em up by clicking the titles below.)

Conan Writes Chicago Blues Songs With School Kids

Kids sing the blues as Conan pens songs about super-serious problems like a stolen teddy bear and a lack of chocolate.

Jimmy Fallon Egg Russian Roulette With Neil Patrick Harris

A dozen eggs: eight cooked, four raw. But which ones? Neil and Jimmy will smash them on their foreheads to find out.

James Corden Crosswalk The Musical: Beauty and the Beast

A version of the Disney movie takes place in a Los Angeles crosswalk. But the show can’t go on until the light turns red!  

Ben Aaron Finds The Nameless Dance Walk Guru Master

Ben discovers the happiest way to travel when he encounters a lone and enthusiastic dance-walker on the streets of NYC.

More Cowbell

A rare kid-friendly SNL sketch, this classic Will Ferrell spot gives us a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell. Look for a young Jimmy Fallon cracking up in the back.