Exclusive: Mandy Moore on "Sheriff Callie's Wild West"

Actress Mandy Moore discusses her new role as a kitty cat sheriff in this exclusive video preview of Disney Junior's new series "Sheriff Callie's Wild West."


-On your mark, get set, go. -Wow. -Sheriff Callie is the lovable kittie cat sheriff of a town called Nice and Friendly Corners. -Hi, Sheriff. -Hi, boys. -I like to think of her as the moral compass for the entire town. -Winning isn't everything, Peck. As long as you're having fun. -She's a great guide and a great friend and she's dependable and reliable and a lot of things that I hope I am. -And running and roping and making friends. Some say I'm the best in the West. -This is my first experience doing voice-over acting work where I'm not really playing a version of myself. -Ready? -Ready. -I sort of get to have a little bit of a Southern country old Wild West twang to my voice. -Sweet sassafras. He didn't want me to get in the train. Don't you fret. I'll put a stop to it. -Yippee yi yo ki-yay, eeeh hah. -I can do a lot of eeeh hahs and pretend like I am twirling a noodle lasso and no one really looks at me any differently. -Hoo wee, Sheriff Callie. That's some super fancy lassoing. -Hopping horse feathers. You sure got skills, Sheriff. -Eeeh hah. -In Sheriff Callie's Wild West. Eeeh hah. -Hey. Who turned out the lights?

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