Not only did Yedoye Travis predict the show's reboot on Twitter, he's willing to do whatever it takes to land that role. Even if that means body slamming John Cena himself.  

Courtesy of Yedoye Travis

Now that the excitement over the "Blue’s Clues" reboot has died down, all eyes are on who is going to fill the iconic role of show host—and let’s just say, we have never seen a casting throw-down like this before. First John Cena, 16-time WWE Champion, publicly pitched himself for the role which led former host Steve Burns to fight for his old job after mysteriously disappearing in 2002. To make the competition even crazier, 26-year-old comedian by the name of Yedoye Travis received a call back after multiple social media stunts that will have you convinced he is the man for the job.

Last June, before any word of a "Blue’s Clues" reboot was announced, Travis—who was working on a project for Comedy Central at the Viacom Studios in New York—came across the shows iconic “thinking chair” and decided to take a photo. Travis then shared it to Twitter with the caption, “They said if I get enough retweets they will bring back 'Blue's Clues' and I can be Steve.” (Sounds like destiny if you ask us.)

“It was a joke until I heard about the reboot,” Travis explained to Parents.comregarding his tweet. Since he single-handedly predicted the show’s return, his journey to becoming the host seems to be the perfect career move.

Nickelodeon's open casting call came next, where Travis received a callback. In a stroke of genius, the comedian returned to the social media site where it all began to gain the attention of the Twitter Queen herself, Chrissy Teigen.

Well played we must say—Travis' craftiness earned a shout out from Teigen which secured his name on the "Blue’s Clues" map. All signs are pointing to Travis to pull off the gig thanks to a combination of fate, self-advertising, and pure talent so we decided to vet the candidate ourselves. You might recognize Travis from starring in our own Valentine's Day video, so you know we've already been impressed by his witty banter and cool persona for a while. When did you seriously start considering the role and why?

Yedoye Travis: It was a joke until I heard about the reboot, and it's still been driven partly by how great a story it would be if I booked the role, but I have started to think a lot more about how important representation is, especially for kids. Just knowing that people like you get to do things like this is really important at that age.

What was your reaction to seeing Chrissy Teigen's Twitter response?

I had to do a few takes before I realized it wasn't fake. She also followed me so I spent the rest of the night convincing myself not to send her my Nintendo switch friend code.

Would you body slam John Cena for the role?

Absolutely. I would shake him out of his jean shorts if he stood in my way.

What would you want your character’s name to be?

In the original tweet, I said I would get to be Steve and people are still asking Nickelodeon to let me use my real name. Of course, I would be Yedoye. Steve is a state of mind.

After your Chrissy Teigen stunt, do you have any other plans up your sleeve to land the role?

I feel like the only bigger step I could take now is booking the show and milly rocking in the thinking chair.

This audition process is making headlines, how much of an added pressure is that on you to land the role?

There's a little pressure on Twitter, but I think it's all in good fun for the most part. And even if it's not me, there were so many black and brown women in that room, I'll be happy with just about any result. I think that's way more exciting than the typical black man/white lady dynamic that gets passed off as diversity.

How does it feel to possibly have the opportunity to impact young kids around the country?

It's exciting, but again, I'm not in a place where I'll be devastated if it's not me. I think a lot of people could serve just as important a role as I could and I'm happy to have been the barometer for how high the demand is for POC in roles like this.



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