9 Kid Show Fan Theories That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

A dad took to Twitter earlier this year to share his eyebrow-raising fan theory on PAW Patrol. Here, nine others parents can't help but wonder about.  

If you have kids, you can't help but watch many, many hours of children's programming, like PAW Patrol and Peppa Pig. Given that much exposure to your L.O.'s faves, of course you're going to start asking questions about main characters and plot lines—and probably come up with a few hilarious fan theories. In fact, recently, a dad named Martin Belam made headlines after taking to Twitter to ask, "Who is the never-seen-figure who is funding PAW Patrol, and why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services in Adventure Bay?" Too funny!

Belam's tweet inspired us to round up 9 other fan theories on kids' shows that are bound to blow your mind.

1. Queen Saturday and King Friday on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

One mom on Facebook shared, "A few years ago my husband texted me [a photo of the characters] with the question, 'Do you think Queen Saturday is King Friday's second wife?' I legit burst out laughing."

2. Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt on Thomas & Friends

Thomas and Friends engine
Jeffrey Westbrook

Parents have toyed with the idea that perhaps Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt are actually the same person. Scandal!

3. The Count on Sesame Street

Fans have a rather intense and creepy take on the long-running PBS show's "villain." Apparently, some think the Count feeds off of kids on the show, and as for the adults? They're under his spell. Huh.

4. Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin on Winnie the Pooh

A medical journal actually published a paper from the Canadian Medical Association, which asserts that poor Winnie the Pooh as OCD, ADHD, and likely an eating disorder. Everyone in A.A. Milnes' story for children has some sort of mental illness, including Christopher Robin, who's thought to have some form of schizophrenia or another identity disorder, evidenced by his communication with toys and stemming from lack of parental guidance.

5. Everyone on The Simpsons

One major fan theory circulating about the long-running cartoon is called the "Tesseract Theory." Apparently, Bart, Homer, and everyone in Springfield are the only ones on Earth who haven’t changed with time. Springfield exists on a plane that is able to shift throughout the rest of the world, be in more than one place at once, and grow and shrink in size. That's why no one ages in town, but when characters move outside of Springfield, they do.

6. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom meets Peppa Pig

Could these two Nick Jr. shows actually exist in the same universe? That's one theory parents have posited. For one thing, they were both created by the same British team and a lot of the same actors work on both shows. But in one episode when Peppa takes a book out of the library, it's a Holly book, and when it's Peppa's birthday, she gets a card with Holly on it. Suspicious!

7. Dad Tiger on Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

One theory going around is that Dad Tiger's clock making business is a front. How else is it that they live Oceanside but King Friday has such a lame view of the playground?

8. Caillou's dad on Caillou

On the Canadian TV show, Caillou's mom is seen working out of the home at an office. But adult viewers really want to know ... does Caillou's dad even have a job?

9. All of the characters and pets on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Most characters on the Mister Rogers'-inspired show are animals (tiger, owl, cat). Yet, in their nursery school they have class pets, like a duck and rabbit... Do they have some sort of sadistic way to determine who gets to be in the family and who has to be a pet? Oof!

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