Fans of the beloved British animated series will be over-the-moon for Peppa's musical debut, due out on July 19. Here are the details, plus a sneak peek of the music video for "Bing Bong Zoo."

By Maressa Brown
July 01, 2019
peppa pig bing bong

From its diverse cast of characters to the important lessons woven throughout the show's plot, there are plenty of reasons for parents and kids to love Peppa Pig. And now, fans of the award-winning series will be able to get their Peppa fix in the form of Peppa Pig: My First Album, due out on July 19, 2019.

The album features 16 newly recorded music tracks. Several are favorites from the animated series composed by Julian Nott, like "Bing Bong Zoo," "Rainbow, Rainbow," and "Jumping in Muddy Puddles," while others were created just for the album and composed by Paul Moessl. Audiences will also appreciate that Harley Bird, who voices Peppa, can be heard singing on several tracks. The songs are also appropriate for all different moods, from "Peppa Party Time" for an energetic moment to "Peppa's Lullaby" for bedtime.

Here's the complete track listing:

  1. It’s Peppa Pig
  2. Bing Bong Zoo
  3. Let’s Get Ready!
  4. Expert Daddy Pig
  5. Rainbow, Rainbow
  6. Super Potato’s Theme
  7. Peppa and Friends
  8. The Class of Madame Gazelle
  9. Festival Fun!
  10. Jumping in Muddy Puddles
  11. Holidays!
  12. Traffic
  13. Balloon Ride
  14. Busy Miss Rabbit
  15. Peppa Party Time
  16. Peppa’s Lullaby

In anticipation of the album's release, you and your L.O. can check out the music video for "Bing Bong Zoo."

Plus, with every pre-order of the album, you'll get an instant download of "Bing Bong Zoo." Sounds like a win-win for Peppa fans all over the globe.