While many parents would gladly return to the days of grunge, the musicians of the era have a new audience: your kids. Here are four albums you'll all love.

By Marisa LaScala
September 19, 2017
Credit: Warner Bros.

The Flaming Lips

Then: Songs like “Kim’s Watermelon Gun” gave the band a psychedelic outer-space sound.

Credit: Virtual Label Group

Now: STEVENSTEVEN, formed by The Lips’ Steven Drozd and Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns, literally has a song called “Space Rock Rock."

Credit: Geffen

Lisa Loeb

Then: The video for “Stay (I Missed You) ” made her famous for bringing back cat-eye glasses.

Credit: Furious Rose Productions

Now: Loeb does a musical version of “Three Little Kittens” on Nursery Rhyme Parade!, one of her many kids’ albums.

Credit: Atlantic Records


Then: The folk-rock artist first sang about her alarm clock in “You Were Meant for Me.”

Credit: Fisher-Price

Now: She’s put out a few albums with Fisher-Price and croons tunes like “Snooze Button Blues.”

Credit: Elektra

They Might Be Giants

Then: The “Birdhouse In Your Soul” band also wrote the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle.

Credit: Idlewild, Lojinx

Now: Between adult albums, the band does kids’ records like Why? and No!, and also did the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme.

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