Christopher Robin isn't the only person reminded of his childhood the minute Pooh Bear shows up. 

Christopher Robin
Credit: Courtesy of Disney

The first trailer for Disney’s Christopher Robin is here, and we're all feeling the warm charm of reuniting with an old friend. The live-action adaption of the 1926 children’s book Winnie-the-Pooh is exploring new territory for the fairytale—adulthood.

The scene is set with grown-up Christopher Robin unable to spend time with his family due to the demands of work. Visibly overwhelmed, Robin takes to a park bench and begins pondering, “What to do?” He is met by a soft, familiar voice behind him saying, “What to do indeed.” Cue single tear, and muffled sniffles

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Immediately the recognizable voice not only brings Robin back to his childhood—but viewers too. During the reunion, Robin tells Pooh, “I’ve cracked.” “Oh, I don’t see any cracks,” Pooh responds. “A few wrinkles, maybe.” It is truly a touching moment that hits home for long-time Winnie the Pooh fans.

We have the feeling that with the help of Pooh and the gang, Robin will rediscover his love for life—just like his glory days in the Hundred Acre Wood—extending that memento to his current reality.

Upon watching the trailer, the mere sound of Pooh's voice brought us chills and according to Twitter, we weren't the only ones:

No surprises here, but a movie this big is supported by an accomplished cast—Ewan McGregor has been tasked with the lead role of Christopher Robin and Jim Cummings as the voice of Pooh. Other roles include Eeyore (voiced by Brad Garrett), Tigger (Chris O’Dowd), Piglet (Nick Mohammed), Owl (Toby Jones), Rabbit (Peter Capaldi), and Kanga (Sophie Okonedo).

The film, set to air August 3rd, will remind us all of the importance of living lightheartedly. We are all for another dose of nostalgia set to hit the big screen—here's to feeling like kids again.