Wondering what in the ever-lovin' heck The Boss Baby is doing on the Oscar ballot? This should clear it all up for you.

By Kim Bongiorno
January 25, 2018
The Boss Baby
Credit: Image via DreamWorks Animation

Okay, okay: I get it. You might be one of the countless people all over the internet who are losing their minds over the fact that The Boss Baby is nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature because, um, it's a movie about a boss baby. Apparently, popular opinion is that a couple of cartoon kids fighting corporate espionage (and each other) isn't quite the Oscar material that the snubbed laugh-so-hard-you-need-to-rewind-to-hear-what-you-missed LEGO Batman Movie is.

But as a mom who has seen both enough times that I've probably been automatically made a VIP member of their respective fan clubs, I have to say that I'm not surprised that Tim and his suitcase-carrying boss nabbed the nod. If you look a little bit closer, the family-friendly film has a lot to offer, and the positive messaging about love and imagination are only the beginning. Here are some of the most winning aspects of the film, and why it gets my vote this awards season.

Best Use of Potty Humor

Clever, experienced comedic screenwriters have tried every trick in the book, but nothing beats fart jokes, shouting "doody!" as a curse word and an overall overuse of bathroom-based humor. NOTHING. And The Boss Baby successfully dumps a load of them in every scene possible.

Most Thorough Use of Cuteness

Itty-bitty business suits! Sweet giggly outbursts! A sea of sparkly-eyed magical puppies! So. Many. Adorable. Baby. Butts. Honestly, it's a miracle our hearts don't burst right open from overexposure to the cute.

Best Supporting Ensemble of Toddlers

The diverse crew of wily tots deftly manages to steal scenes from the titular character, winning over the audience's hearts for being passionately proud of exactly who they are—drool and all. Also? This diaper-wearing army proves you can have a whole lot of fun whole being completely dedicated to your cause.

Best Editing of Jack Donaghy

DreamWorks took our favorite 30 Rock character and made him PG enough for our kids to be able to enjoy him, too. Quite frankly, this should be an official, permanent category of its own from this point forward.

Best Avoidance of How Awful the World Can Feel

All of the other nominees made the audiences weep over topics ranging from the heartbreak of losing loved ones, violent regimes, cruelty to those who aren't like you, murder, and other injustices. BRING ON 97 MINUTES OF BABIES AND PUPPIES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Most Accurate Portrayal of Sibling Rivalry

Animated films historically showed siblings being mildly jealous of one another as little ones, or passive-aggressively competing for the same crush when they're older. Only The Boss Baby shows the realistic balance of liking each other one moment and trying to literally run one another over with plastic cars the next. I'm the youngest of six kids, so trust me on the this: it can get ugly.

Best Binky Documentation

"It's not where it's been. It's where it will take you." Honestly, I have never heard a more accurate description of pacifiers in my ENTIRE LIFE. That is top-tier prose, right there.

Most Awkwardly Entertaining Conversation Starter

The topic of where babies come from is repeatedly addressed, but never directly explained. Oh, to be watching live feed via a webcam on the wall as every single parent who exited the theater handled the question, "Where DO babies really come from?" Now when does that documentary come out?

Great movies for kids don't always have to be award-winners, but at least in my heart, The Boss Baby has already taken home the gold. It's funny, sweet, and a perfect amount of the ridiculous that we all need in our lives right now.