Last time, Jane was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. If Heigl has it her way, this time her character would be taking on godmother duties. 

By Rebecca Rakowitz
July 17, 2018

The romantic comedy '27 Dresses' left us laughing, crying, and wanting more since its release in 2008. It's one of those can't-go-wrong movies for a girls’ night in, and a sequel would mean a can't-go-wrong girls’ night to the theater!

Actress Katherine Heigl—who starred as Jane, the hopeless romantic and perpetual bridesmaid in '27 Dresses'—told that she loved making the film and wants to make a sequel. In her mind, the movie would take place about 5 years into Jane and Kevin's marriage. 

"[Jane] would be always the godmother, never the mom," Heigl said, playing off the "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" theme of the first film. We assume all the brides from '27 Dresses' would be the ones having the babies, while Jane is not yet a mom but wants to be. 

While there wouldn't be a hilarious montage of awful bridesmaid dresses, think of the montage of babies! And PLEASE let there be a lullaby version of “Bennie and the Jets” for Jane and Kevin to softly sing as they rock a baby to sleep.  

There are currently no definite plans for a sequel, but Heigl, who raises four kids and has a friend who is living the godmother life, wants this role to happen as much as we want this sequel. 


So how easy would a reunion be? Here’s where the cast is now:

Katherine Heigl recently joined the cast of 'Suits' as Samantha Wheeler, a new partner at Pearson Specter Litt. Season 8 premieres July 18, meaning she would have some time before shooting again, should the show be signed for another season.

As for James Marsden, aka the grouchy and lovable Kevin Doyle, he has spent the last couple of years starring in the TV sci-fi western, 'Westworld.' He has a few projects lined up for 2019, including a rumored sequel to the 2007 fairytale film, 'Enchanted.' Here’s to hoping he’s caught the sequel bug!

Judy Greer’s IMDB page looks like how we all want our resume to look. Greer, who starred as Jane’s best friend in '27 Dreses,' has appeared in dozens of films and tv shows since 2016. A packed schedule doesn’t seem to faze the actress, so I’m betting she would add a sequel to her plate—any good best friend would!

Malin Akerman, who played Jane’s sister Tess, is now mom to a 5-year-old boy. She and Edward Burns, Jane’s dreamy but clueless ex-boss, have both been busy in their careers, taking on a substantial number of movies and shows, but who knows where that fictional mess-of-a-couple would be if they reunited on camera five years later!

And then there is Alexa Havins. Havins plays the unsung hero of '27 Dresses,' the boat bride who graciously lets Jane declare her love to Kevin in the middle of her wedding ceremony. Her last film was 'Professor Martson and the Wonder Women' in 2017. Havins, come out of your hiatus – we need you to be mom #1!

Come on Twitter, you can make this happen! Now is your time to shine. 

Editorial Intern Rebecca Rakowitz is crossing her fingers and trusting in Twitter.