Kristen Bell narrates the educational and entertaining documentary, which hits theaters on Friday, August 17.

By Maressa Brown
August 17, 2018

A trip to an IMAX theater takes the film-going experience to a whole new, immersive level. This weekend, thanks to the now widely-released documentary Pandas, you can bring your kids to China. Specifically, to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, where scientists are working on releasing captive-born pandas into the wild, where only about 2,000 remaining pandas live. 

Kristen Bell narrates the film, which focuses on one female panda named Qian Qian (pronounced Chen Chen) from cub stage to her release in the wild. In order to help Qian Qian and the other pandas raised at the Panda Base, Hou Rong, the director of research there since 1994, travels to New Hampshire to learn about orphaned black bear cubs who were in the same boat as her pandas. She soon enlists American conservation biologist Jake Owens, known as the “the Indiana Jones of biologists,” to aid in Qian Qian’s transition.

Signing up to tell this heartwarming story was an obvious "yes" for Bell. “I’m not un-secretive about the fact that I’m an animal lover, or an IMAX lover, to be totally honest with you,” Bell told the AP. “I think they produce some of the best content out there, and I take my kids to the science center every time there’s a new IMAX movie. I just think the patience with which they produce particularly their animal documentaries is kind of astounding.”

Pandas Image 5.jpg

Pandas director, producer, and writer Drew Fellman told echoes just how easy it was to bring Bell on-board, telling at the red carpet premiere held at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in March: "We showed her the movie, and we begged her to do it, and she fell in love with the pandas and wanted to do it right away."

For a sneak peek of the sweetness, check out the trailer. 

Pandas audiences will also be treated to the below teaser trailer for Superpower Dogs, which chronicles the awe-inspiring stories of working dogs and their human partners as they save lives and make the world a better place.

All in all, the IMAX experience of Pandas is sure to be a memorable experience for parents and kids.

As Bell told the AP, "It makes you feel good. It's inspiring, it's beautiful, it's adorable, it's educational and personally I think currently the world could use more things that feel good, you know?"