Adventure videos/DVDs that will appeal to young Harry Potter fans.

By Kenneth M. Chanko
October 05, 2005

Magical Movies

When the kids are hankering for more Potter-esque fantasy adventure, here are three video/DVD alternatives that will fit the bill.

Mio in the Land of Faraway

(Anchor Bay/Miramax, PG, 99 min., ages 6 to 10) In this fantasy adventure, a young Christian Bale (Empire of the Sun) and his best friend are transported to a magical land where they must battle an evil knight (Christopher Lee) who has put a curse on all the kingdom's children.

Time Bandits

(Handmade Films/Criterion Collection, PG, 116 min., ages 7 and up) Terry Gilliam's rowdy time-travel romp follows a band of unruly dwarves that takes a young boy on a gate-crashing historical odyssey. Along the way, they drop in on everyone from Agamemnon (Sean Connery) to Napoleon (Ian Holm) while trying to stay one step ahead of the Evil Genius.

The 10th Kingdom

(Artisan/Hallmark, not rated, 417 min., ages 8 and up) This drolly sophisticated TV miniseries is as funny as it is dark and scary. In it, a young New York woman and her father find themselves on a quest for self-discovery in fantastic foreign kingdoms where fairy tales are true.

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